Easton Air Hockey Table review

The Easton Air Hockey Table has received a lot of noise, mostly positive, from online reviewers. It’s been called a masterpiece, piece of art, best air hockey game there is, but frankly, the best way to be certain that a product really is good, is if it satisfies the expectations of its users.




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The table stands at an area of 90 by 50 by 32 inches, quite big by any standards, and yes, it does look exactly as advertised online. Besides its size, the table is quite heavy, and might require more than a couple of hands to transport it into the house.

The weight thing’s a good thing considering it feels quite solid and sturdy when you use it. The weight thing becomes a bad thing when you need to move it, but then again, how many times are you going to have to move it?

Once I finally got it into the house, it fit right into the the room decor, another cool piece of furniture in the corner. Plus, it doesn’t take up much space as you’d expect.

Another pro of the Easton Air Hockey table is the smooth feel of the PVC field top. It doesn’t scratch or chip while being used, and is really easy to clean.

The flip side: before I could sit back and marvel at how mindbogglingly perfect the table looked in my rec room, I had to endure hours upon hours of non sense instructions while I tried to piece this little baby together. I was a surgeon working in the dark.

Once set up, the game worked pretty well, what with the reachable puck pockets I didn’t have to grope around to find and the smooth play the electronic scoring system provided. It has an optional manual scoring system as well, just in case you want to go old school, or the digital side falls out of play (and it might, trust me).

The table has about 3700 air holes and 110v air blower that powerfully keeps the pucks in motion throughout. This amounts to a perfect glide straight up to the goal box, which has a sensor detect feature that ensures it opens and closes, pre and post goal.

There has been quite a lot of user internet chatter about problematic air blowers, in which case it is advisable to request for a test play before purchase, or contacting the manufacturers if an issue arises.

It’s best to keep in mind that a few products might be defective, and the best mode of action might be to reach out for help- you did pay good money, after all, thus you do deserve good service.

All in all, the Easton Air Hockey Table is a great addition to every game room, or game night, there is. It’s fun, durable, and really cute.

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