Halex Air Hockey Table review

The Halex Air Hockey table with table tennis top is quite similar to other air hockey tables within its league. It stands at an area of 66 by 33 by 32 inches, and has an air blower with a voltage of one hundred and ten. Unlike most multi game tables, the Halex air hockey table has an included break away feature that enables you to replace the air hockey game with a table tennis top.

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The Halex Air Hockey table is all in all a great game table. Most of the features work perfectly (the scoring system, both digital and manual, work like a charm), the PVC top is quite possibly the closest thing to real hockey ice, and its sturdy enough to outlast most… well, everything.

You might encounter a few annoying little qualities about the table, but you’ll live. Like the assembly instructions that might take you almost forever to figure out. The best thing to remedy this issue is either to call up the manufacturer’s customer service for assistance, or just go online and check out how other people have managed to put this table together. You can also check up game table sites that have put up instructional manuals and diagrams for this particular table- told you you’ll live 🙂

Another thing a few people found quite annoying with this game is the digital scoring system…and I know I said it works like a charm, but a few people have encountered a few issues with it. A defective scoring system isn’t news in the gaming table world. It’s basically the rule. Anyway, if you do face such a problem, like the board not recording the right points or whatever, you could try turning the power button off then on. If, and this is a big if, the scoring system still doesn’t work, do as aforementioned and call up the manufacturers. They have a working hot line for a reason. The first thing to keep in mind is to ensure that your table works perfectly before your warranty runs out. Never shrug off the little bugs, they’ll just get worse.

Also, before purchasing this, or any other air hockey table, ensure that the fans are powerful enough to keep the puck in motion. The air blowers are the heart of the table, and without the promised, and required, 110V, you might be playing a few disappointing rounds in the future.

Finally, or in conclusion (whatever rocks your boat), don’t forget to ensure that the facilities delivering your table (if you made an online purchase), are up to par. You don’t want a game table with broken legs and/or a dented side at your doorstep, I’m sure.

Personally, would I recommend this table? Yes, yes I would. It’s great, to look at and to play with, and a great adrenaline rush inducer when you score.



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