10 Best Small Air Hockey Tables

Small air hockey tables are purchased for their size. Usually they range between 40 inches and 55 inches, and may include fold-ability that enables ease of storage.

It is best to remember that small air hockey tables have been designed with a younger age group in mind, and thus are a lot less sturdy than the average game table. They have shorter legs, smaller pucks, and due to their size, a more contained playing field.

They do however, include all features that are expected in an air hockey game table.

Mainstreet classics 42 mini air hockey table

Mainstreet Mini Air Hockey Table

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With an air blower power of 110V, this game table stands as an average performer amongst its gaming table counterparts. The table, plus, rails, stands at an area of 102 by 55 by 10, and thus all in all saves space.

The mainstreet small air hockey table is battery powered, batteries not included in the purchase package, and requires manual scoring during play.


Harvil 4 foot air hockey table

Harvil 4 Foot Air Hockey Table

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A favorite choice with most families, this table, aside from looking absolutely adorable, includes powered fans estimated at a 100V that provide a çonstant and even cushion of air as the pucks glide across the table, and electronic scoring that eases the process along.

The Harvel Air Hockey table stands at an accessible height and can be enjoyed in a sitting position. Aside from its lowered height, the Harvel 4foot game table has been designed   to be a fun sized gaming table that takes up hardly any space and can be easily stored away after play. It stands at an area of 54 by 26 by 32 inches, which makes it one of the smallest gaming tables.


Sport Squad HX40

Sports Squad HX40

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An adult friendly” mini air hockey table due to its advanced features, the Sport Squad HX40 stands its ground as one of the most versatile single game tables there is. The table’s games can be partaken in by both adults and children alike, and inhibits a quite sturdy feature that ensures its durability over time.

The game table stands at an area of 40 by 20 by 5 inches and institutes a manual scoring feature.


CHH 21” Mini Air Hockey Game Set

CHH 21″ Air Hockey Table

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A sturdy 56 by 30 by 10cm battery powered game table, this 21″ air hockey table by CHH remains as one  of the top choices for family game nights. With an equally perforated and powered top, this gaming table ensures a suitable satisfying experience.


Strikeworth Trisport Multi Game Table

Strikeworth Trisport Multi Game Table

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A sleek multi game table with an urban design and minimised size intended for minimal occupation(118 by 78 by 16cm) has an included manual scoring option for an upped gaming experience.


Playcraft sport 40 inch


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Much like most Playcraft tables, the Playcraft Sport is a unique gaming table worth its water.

The mini air hockey table stands at an area of 40 by 21 by 8 inches, occupying a small rectangle of space in your living room. It further boasts of a 100cmph that ensures an even distribution of powered air across the top as the puck is pushed past.


Triumph Lumen-X Laser 20″


Triumph Lumen-X Lazer Game Table

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True to its name the Truimph Lumen-X Lazer 20 is a lit up affair with LED lights shimmering along the rails and scoreboard, almost transporting you back to the Arcade days.

The game table won’t take up much space as it stands at an area 70 by 40 by 32 inches.


Hathaway face off

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Another notable brand name, the Hathaway Face Off mini air hockey includes both the manual and electronic scoring systems, unlike most small game tables that utilize only the manual system.

This game table features powerful fans that operate at a voltage of 110, and occupies an area of 63 by 32 by 6 inches.

Sport 40″ Air Hockey Table W/ Electric Fan Motor

20″ E/Powered Air Hockey Table


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 Sport 40″ air hockey table is a cool, adrenaline 40 by 8 by 12″ syringe perfectly suited for ages 9 and, well, old. Nicked and suited up with digital features such as the smooth electronic scoring system and 100amph air blowers, provides an excellent game night choice for the entire family.


Tekscore Jet 6 foot Air Hockey



Tekscore Jet Air Hockey Table

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The largest, by half an inch or so, mini air hockey table, the Tekscore game table features as well the most powerful fans. Running at a voltage of 240(twice that of your average small air hockey table) this table exceeds puck push and glide as you guide your win toward the goal. Another plus to this table is that it offers both manual and electronic systems.



4 to 5 2.5″ pucks

2 air hockey pushers



  1. Space friendly

Small air hockey tables take up a minimal area in your living room or play room, and can be easily stored away after use.


2. Price Friendly

Due to their reduced size and features, small air hockey tables are a lot more cost efficient than your average air hockey game table.

3. Strong

Keeping in mind their intended niche, small air hockey tables can withstand the measured strain of activity.



  1. Lowered Height

Small air hockey tables are have a lower bearing and are thus quite unsuitable for the playing enjoyment by adults and teens.

2. Miniature accessories

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