10 Best Air Hockey Pool Table Combos

Table Games are full body, muscular exertion activities, that don’t require you to go outside. It’s like you’re partaking in a sport, but then cheating at said sport, without actually cheating. So, basically, they’re a fun twist to intense sports.

The manufacturers then went crazy and brought in combo tables. Combo tables are table games on steroids. My personal favorite is, (and according to the Internet, almost everyone’s), the air hockey/ pool table combo. You get to flip and play chill pool, flip and go crazy with the pucks, flip-flip-flip, before passing out with ripped fore arms. That’s a freebie in my book, for sure.

Here’s a list of what I think are the top ten air hockey pool table combination games on the planet, hell, may be even the universe (note: this list isn’t in any categorical order).

Considered as one of the best manufacturers of game tables, Fat Cat’s collection goes beyond the versatility that combination tables are famed for. With their slick styled felt and ultra-modern look, these tables easily fit into any home decor whilst upping the gaming experience.

  • 3-in-1 Pockey Table
    This one being for the old school lovers, the Original 3 in 1 Pockey table displays a beautiful simplicity… much like actual sports, I guess.
    Offering air hockey, table tennis and pool, the Fat Cat Pockey (a play on both Hockey and Pool) table has an easily adjustable swivel feature that enables you to swap tables swiftly and without much fuss.
    The Fat Cat Pockey is 80 by 44 by 32 inches , so it’s not as big as most gaming tables, which, surprisingly turns out to be a good thing considering it takes up just enough space for an entertainment corner without dominating an entire room. Plus, the controlled size of the tops is calculated to ensure that the levers enabling them to be rotated are not overwhelmed over time.

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Besides being an absolute beauty, the Pockey (so catchy, right?) is mechanically designed for an automated scoring feature (let’s dork out now) by calibrating an eighty cubic feet/min air flow; that is, the table provides a push of air that keeps the hockey puck in play.

The 3 in 1 Pockey table is available on Amazon, and includes: four pushers and pucks each [air hockey], a set of two-inch balls and one triangle, two two-inch cue sticks, two pieces of chalk, one brush [pool], one tennis racket, one ball, one net and a post set [table tennis].



Only second to the GLD franchise, Triumph Sports provide a wider range of choice tables, from your run of the mill one gamer to the 13 in one combo table. Generally, Triumph Sports tables are considered as a lot more budget-friendly than most gaming tables and are preferred for family centered games.

  • Triumph 4 in 1 Multi Game Table
    Space friendly much like the Fat Cat Pockey, the Triumph multi game table stands on an 32 by 32 by 72 inches area and consists of convertible tops, whereby the air hockey face is on one side while the pool table is on the other, much like the Fat Cat Pockey table. The main difference however between the two tables is that while the Pockey has different sized pucks the Triumph Sports provides only different shaped pucks but in the same size.



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The Triumph Sports 4 in 1 table is a lot less mechanical than most combo tables, which can be a plus considering it’s also quite quiet.

If you want, you can acquire this table on Amazon here, and here. It also includes: two pairs of pushers and pucks [air hockey], one tennis racket, one ball, one net and a post set [table tennis], two two-inch cues, a set of billiard balls and one triangle, two sticks of chalk and one brush [pool].



Despite the name, Hathaway games are pretty bad ass, as they go that extra mile to give their games a more modern feel through their electric centered features and sleek, but environmentally friendly, exteriors. Hathaway table games are a lot more automated than most, which could mean a lot more mechanical problems and sticklers, but is also a definite assurance for utter adrenaline rushed moments.

  •  Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey Table
    Standing at a 63 by 32 by 6 inches area, the Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey game table is quite small in comparison to the above mentioned tables, which are, in their own right, smaller than ordinary one game tables, but still- pretty tiny. However, they do make up for their size by being quite possibly the coolest game tables with an electronically enabled scoring feature and puck return.

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As for the ‘big if’ mechanical problems you are likely to encounter as you tinker away, the Hathaway Company offers a ninety day limited warranty on the product. So, you’re basically covered for a beat.
The Hathaway also provides an electronic air flow system that maintains the puck in motion during air hockey games.

This table game can be acquired on Amazon.



So, besides the old video game feel the company logo gives off, the Playcraft game tables are the chill kids in the table games arena. They have some of the easiest mechanics to maneuver; reachable pockets, simple accessories and levered surfaces. No fuss Playcraft, I say.

  • Playcraft Sport Junior 2-in-1 Air Hockey and Pool Table
    Designed for much younger players, the Playcraft 2 in 1 air hockey/pool table incorporates a family friendly system and alluring exterior with a guaranteed ninety day warranty.
    The Playcraft Junior is quite uncomplicated, and has adjustable levers meant to balance the table.


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You can order the Playcraft Sport Junior 2-in-1 Air Hockey and Pool table on Amazon.



Atomic game tables are also the old school kind of games that give the player a slight simpler yet more hands on experience with reduced automated mechanics and move oriented responses. There are two multi game tables that the company provides: the Atomic 2 in 1 table, and the Atomic Blazer 7 Hockey Table (which offers air hockey and table tennis options).

  • Atomic 2 in 1 Flip Table
    Cool name aside, the Atomic two in 1 flip table offers the two options; air hockey and pool, thus providing a simpler yet more versatile alternative to a one game table. As the name suggests, in order for one to switch to another game, the table is secured by smooth levers that make the swivel system smoother and easier to handle.
    The Atomic 2 in 1 Flip Table measures at an area of 84 by 48 by 9 inches, and has the billiards top covered by red nylon.

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  • MD Sports 48” 3 in 1 Combo Table

A sorta new kid of the block, the MD Sports franchise air hockey pool table combo is a family friendly game that kids can have fun assembling due to its straightforward design.
Incorporating the old school features used in arcade games MD Sports 48 shall forever remain a favorite classic. Plus, of course, being one of the most affordable combination game tables and of average size measuring at 48 by 22 by 32 inches, doesn’t sour deal the deal either.

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6. Medal Sports 48” 4 in 1 Combo Table

A durable option for families with younger children, the Medal Sports 48 is versatile and a size favorite due to its minimized game measurements. At a standing area of 48 by 24 by 32 inches fits perfectly and quite discreetly in a family room. Due to its targeted niche being young children the Medal Sports 48” Combo table does not have outstanding gaming features unlike its aforementioned counterparts.

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  • Sportcraft 14 in 1 Combo game table

Another addition to the children’s games category, Sportcraft 14 in 1 combo table, with its variety of games ranging from foosball to pin pong is averaged to take about three to four hours to assemble. It is however durable over a long period of time and has sturdy accessories, perfect for young family households.

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8. Medal Sports 48” 12 in 1 Multi Activity Game

Just like most Medal Sports table games, the Medal Sports 48” 12 in 1 is best suited for younger players and families with its smaller sized games and simplified features. However, it provides a wider variety of games than most table games and is a tantalizing adventure for competitive spirits.

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An absolute collector’s’ item, the Eddie Charlton Game Table measures at a 104 by 183 by 19 cm area and stands at about six feet when assembled. Considered to be one of the fastest rotatable tables yet, the Eddie Charlton (or just Ed) game table has a unique design deemed to give it a stylish and ultra-modern look.

This table is definitely a must have for mature players as its automated mechanics expound the gaming experience with an air flow of 240V (the highest yet) for air hockey and a sleek cloth covered (no Velcro for this baby) top for the pool game.
Plus, this game table was manufactured by legendary professional billiards player Edward Francis Charlton.

You can purchase the product off the original site, Billiarhttp://www.billiards.com.au/pool-snooker-and-billiards-/pool-table-felt-cloth/eddie-charlton-cloth-feltds.com.

Liberty Games are a retailer and manufacturer of everyday games produced in the highest quality. Their gaming tables easily fit into any room with their sleek designs and manageable sizes.

• Strikeworth 6ft Multi Game
This rotatable piece includes air hockey, table tennis and pool, and provides an even feel for all three games- an almost professional player featured table, in fact.
Considered to be a luxurious gaming piece in the game table circles, the Strikeworth 6ft Multi Game incorporates high fiber cloth, adjustable levers, and like the Eddie Charlton, a 240V air blower for air hockey.

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Greatly leaning towards style and comfort, the Strikeworth table might not be the most affordable game table, but gives return for its value in terms of durability, high powered mechanics and “flipping speed”, making it a definite first choice for man caves.


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